Friday, May 11, 2007


Verification of Rendering Quality from Measured BTFs

Jan Meseth, Gero Müller, Florian Röder, Reinhard Klein, Michael Arnold
APGV 2006

One of the most important, still unsolved problems in computer graphics is the generation of predictive imagery, i.e., images that represent perfect renditions of reality. Such perfect images are required in application areas like Virtual Prototyping for making reliable decisions in the costly design development of novel products like cars and airplanes. Recently, measured material properties received significant attention since they enable generation of highly accurate images that appear to be predictive at a first glance.
In this work we investigate the degree of realism that can be achieved using measured bidirectional texture functions (BTFs) by comparing photographs and rendered images at two scales. To analyze the realism of rendered images at a coarse scale, we compare the light distribution resulting from standard materials to the one from measured BTFs by automatic procedures. At a fine scale, accurate reproduction of material structures is checked by a psychophysical study. Our results show that measured BTFs lead to much more accurate results than standard materials at both scales.


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